CONTROVERY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME and WAP is the new controversy of this generation.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song WAP started the controversy about female role models and singing about your p*ssy. “Like seriously;” it was not yesterday that male or female artistes began singing about dicks and pussy. In our Jamaican music industry, Vybz Kartel is renowned for his lyrical prowess in telling women “to tek buddy gyal” and more recently Gage sang “dung ina, dung ina, dung ina yuh troat.” While the conversation was initiated in regards to Vybz Kartel’s influence on young Jamaicans, his response summed it up perfectly; (I paraphrase) parents are responsible for the major part of raising their children. It is understood that you cannot control or censor what our children is exposed to 24/7 but the initial moral values that should have been instilled in the beginning is what we hope our children will rely on when out of our sight. I digress; there was no conversation about Gage telling girls to suck his dick but let a woman sing about her pussy and suddenly there is outrage.

Similarly to how men express their sexual fantasies or reality through their music, women are allowed to do the same. It’s called EMPOWERMENT. Men sing about their dick, what women do on it, with it and many women want it; women are allowed to have similar concepts. Ishawna was given a lot of back-lash because she had the nerve to sing about equal rights (yes, I’m being sarcastic). Ishawna’s song empowered at least one woman to stand up for her sexual desires. Male artists such as Vybz Kartel, Gage, Konshens and Alkaline all sung about how much they enjoy receiving oral sex; one may have assumed that men were the only ones on the receiving end of oral sex but Ishawna sure told them “but if waa head, my yute, you haffi suck dis” (and no she’s not talking about her breast).

There have always been differences between men and women and how they view sex. The idealistic view is that sex is a beautiful thing; it is a God-given desire to bring a husband and wife together in oneness. However, it has also been used to shame or degrade women because of how many men she has given it to, among other things (but that is a conversation for another time). The reason women singing about their sexual skills is so empowering is because they sing about the qualities that make our vagina the best. Lyrics like Spice “Sidung” “a suh mi gwan when me deh pon de buddy head… the way mi grip him and wrap him up like a bandage” or “Needle Eye” “the needle eye pum pum, the needle eye pum pum, tight and good mi ‘ole tight and good.” Along with Sheensea’s “Limited Edition” “mi sidung, sidung when the sittin stand firm… but mi a professional buddy broker from birth” offers another perspective on the female sexual talent (FYI a talent is something you are good at, and yes you can be good at sex).

So to conclude, YES; women got some WAP. And singing about your pussy does not make you any less of a role model. It shows CONFIDENCE and allows women to EMBRACE their sexuality.

There are some things in life that are of an acquired taste, music is one of them. Not everyone will like every song or genre of music; choose what you like and move along.

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