For the past week, there have been allegations about American rapper T.I, who’s given name is Clifford Harris and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, that they have been drugging, trafficking and sexually abusing women.  It all began when Sabrina Peterson, came out and accused the rapper of holding a gun to her head. Shortly after Miss Peterson made this statement, she posted screenshots of her direct-messages on Instagram, where over two-dozen alleged victims said they went through the same thing and even worse. Even so, more women continued to come forward and tell their stories about what they went through with the couple. The alleged victims spoke about the couple confiscating their cellphones and preventing them from leaving, as the Harris’s, sexually assaulted them and even forced them in drug binges. They even went on to say that they were pressured to take off their clothes and to have sex with them or others present. Though the allegations have not yet been proven to be true, as time continued to pass; they’re having been more confessions about the sexual abuse and manipulation that, T.I, and Tiny have allegedly put some women through. The alleged victims’ names have remained anonymous, but it is to be understood, that one of them have engaged attorney-at-law Lisa Bloom, as their attorney during this scandal. Miss Bloom, in a statement said that her client is willing to speak out against T.I and Tiny.

Due to this scandal, the couple’s reality show “T.I & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ has been suspended. The show had been shooting its fourth season in Atlanta since December. “Given the serious nature of the allegations, we have decided to suspend production in order to gather more information,’’ an MTV spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline. Later down, a statement was released by the couple acknowledging that even though their romantic life may be upside down they strongly deny the accusations. Legal representatives for T.I and Tiny, have confirmed that they are taking legal action against Sabrina Peterson and the other women who have come forward.


Written by: Aaliyah Forbes-Rodney


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