“Pursue your creativity relentlessly.”

That’s the advice of rapper and dancer Darell Turner, better known in the entertainment sphere as SEVNDEEP, himself a fairly new figure in the business, but one who has already racked up a significant journey and a presence – courtesy of his attention-grabbing videos and hard-charging lyrical attack.

But SEVN goes further: Don’t let anyone tell you, “Take a break… it’ll come to you”. We don’t tell doctors and lawyers that. They get up every day and put in work. PUT IN THE WORK!”

And he has lived his speech, walked the talk, as they say. From getting his first taste of the potential of the biz by winning a high school talent show, the svelte entertainer has “kept it movin'” and put in the work.

Even in those early days, he always knew his talent was multi-dimensional. I’ve ALWAYS been a poet and an artist when it came to putting words together and coming up with melodies. I honestly don’t know why I never took it seriously before, but I do know that losing my best friend to cancer made me want to pursue every dream that I’ve ever had. After losing him, I knew I had to make it happen.”

The tragedy sprung him into action, and the response to such joints as “Bang Bang” “Waste My Time” and the dance tribute to late r n’ b young legend Aaliyah – “If Your Girl Only Knew” show that the public is starting to take serious note of SEVNDEEP

But even in this first flush of approaching mainstream success, the artist remains committed to his stated work ethic. “I am obsessed with the industry, dancing, wordplay, entertaining, and just everything that makes a great artist.”

He looks up to an interesting mix of established acts as he makes his own way up the ladder. On the rap side, SEVNDEEP names Boosie, ASAP Rocky, Juicy J, and HOVA himself, Jay-Z. For his dance moves, the artist who spent his formative years absorbing the choreography of Missy Elliott and Britney Spears also goes even further back to the groundbreaking moves of Janet (Jackson), as well as  Justin Timberlake, and Usher! “All those acts have unique styles that draw you in and make you pay attention.”

And now he finds himself being the subject of others’ attention and adulation but mentally, SEVNDEEP sees himself as much closer to the beginning than the end. His attitude is the same – if anything he is even more focussed – and he is still pouring that creative energy into new joints and new projects.

Since the doctors and other essentials don’t take a day off, SEVN, who sees his offerings as essential (though clearly ina very different way) won’t take a day off either. “I know what the big picture looks like -this is my life and I’m going for it.”



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