On Sunday, March 7th, the highly anticipated sit-down interview with Duke Harry, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and Oprah was aired. Even before the interview, there was said to be tension, animosity, and disputes between the royal family and Harry and Megan, which the couple later elaborated on in the two-hour televised event. The two made revelations about the harsh treatments they received after they got married, and that Megan contemplated suicide while she was a working royal.

During the interview, Meghan said that before the birth of her son, Archie Mountabetten, members of the royal family and others residing in Buckingham Palace, were having conversations and asking questions about how dark her son’s skin would be. The Duke then confirmed the conversation and said that it hurt that no one in the family, ever questioned the racist nature of the headlines and articles written about his wife, while they were working members of the Royal Family, and he was especially upset that not even his brother, William, tended to his side during all of this. He said he would not reveal who made the comment but he said it was not either Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Phillip. Meghan then went on to express that she was feeling naïve at the start of her relationship with the Duke, and was unprepared for the strictures of royal life. She also told Oprah that after she got married, she felt isolated as a new royal and that she had thoughts of suicide, especially due to the negative and misleading coverage concerning herself and Harry. She added that she asked senior officials at the Buckingham palace for assistance after having suicidal thoughts, but the palace declined to help her. Oprah then turned the questions on Harry and asked him about his family relationships and he said that Prince Charles had stopped taking his calls and that their relationship was strained, but however, he still has the utmost respect for his grandmother, Charles’ mother. He then mentioned his brother and said that he felt as if he and William were trapped in the institution which surrounds the Royal Family and that he wanted an out for the both of them. It was later revealed in the interview that Harry had been cut off financially, and was deprived of security from the Royal Family and that the couple was both living off the inheritance that his late mother, Princess Diana, left for him. The two currently reside in the United States after leaving London. There have been no comments from the Royal Family, after the airing of the interview, but it should be noted that it was a big “blow” for them.

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