During last week, one of the dancers who famously belongs to dancehall artiste Ding Dong’s “Ravers” crew was involved in a video-leaking scandal. “Silent Ravers”, whose formal name isn’t known to the mass public, was exposed in a video involving another male who goes by the alias “Lil Kev”. The video was leaked about three days prior to the entire situation being revealed on social media. Apparently, the dancer was caught in a ‘compromising position’ and having explicit conversations with Lil Kev which sparked mass attention from the Jamaican audience.

Now Lil Kev, a male cross-dresser, has been known for blackmailing persons, especially males, and exposing private content of them on the internet, according to some social media users. The entire backstory of how the video started circulating has not been fully understood, but it is alleged that the two were sexually involved, and out of anger, Lil Kev decided to leak the video. There was also a voice note on Lil Kev’s story, where it is said to be Silent making some remarks to him, pertaining to the leak. That has not been fully confirmed, but only rumored.

Shortly after the video started circulating, Ding-Dong went live with dancehall artist, Foota-Hype to discuss the situation. Foota told Ding Dong that it was concerning that since the video has been leaked, Ding Dong hasn’t addressed the situation and was wondering why the name “Ravers” was still affixed on Silent’s social media pages. Ding-Dong then explained to Foota-Hype he didn’t have to answer publicly about Silent’s position in the group, and Foota-Hype once again asked him, if Silent was going to be removed. “And wah it aguh do? Him nuh inna the crew all right, him nuh inna the crew, wah it aguh do?  Ya guh stop talk bout it tomorrow?” was Ding-Dong’s response.

Silent then went live on his Instagram page to address the rumors of him being removed from the Ravers group. This came after he deactivated his page, the same time when the video started circulating. “Nobody never fire me, Ding never call me and say nothing”, was one of his responses. There have been no further statements from Ding-Dong or any other members of the crew.

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