Big city [Atlanta]-born, small-town [rural Alabama] raised; classic r n’b and up-to-the-minute expressions. What might seem a conflicting mix actually finds harmonious expression in rising star KriSean Woods.

“I’ve always been a city boy at heart,” he shares, adding that he knew it would merely be a matter of time before he would outgrow and escape the confines of his Deep South formative and return to Atlanta, the place of his birth and the pivot point for today’s entertainment industry – especially from the Black perspective.
He took with him a deep and abiding appreciation for a wide range of musical styles and artistes – from legends like Michael Jackson and Prince to “bridge” artistes like Usher and Trey Songz, to fellow up and comers like Eric Bellinger and Jacob Lattimore. But while he has fully digested the classic r n b sound, Woods says his circle of influences extends even further, to encompass pop, reggae and even dancehall. “When you listen to my music, I just want you to put your other feelings aside, and just be happy.”
Continuing on his musical reason for being, Woods doesn’t readily adopt the labels – including r n’ b throwback – that he acknowledges are inevitable, but he doesn’t shun them either. “I just make music that feels good. People can and will categorize the music, but I’m just focused on what feels good to me…..if it happens that I bring it back, then cool, but it’s not something I’m trying consciously to do.”
For now, the ideal expression of his musical outlook is the single “Energy” featuring r n’b star and legendary Star Search alum Tiffany Evans, and in the visuals for the song, the chemistry between the two is immediately apparent. Woods says that he thought of Evans when putting the track together but also reached out to another singer as a potential collaborator. Evans responded with more alacrity, and so ended up being the partner, but the other singer (who he declined to name) will be featured on a forthcoming project.


Indeed, his slate his growing ever more filled out. There is an EP coming – as well as a new single – both bearing the title “Rendezvous”. It’s a descriptor which fits his stated desire of fun, but with a grown and sexy twist, right in time for the lovers and the love-seeking on Valentine’s.


Going forward, Woods is looking to further develop his musical – and dancing – chops as he continues to carve out a workable niche for himself in an undoubtedly crowded field. But he’s not at all worried about his prospects, or by the amount of hard work that will be necessary. In describing his key attributes, Woods lists charisma, versatility and quality, which he believes, along with his innate musical talents will be more than enough to see him into the upper ranks. He sings off with a familiar refrain to  both casual fans and adherents: “Be yourself, believe that if you can conceive it you can do it, and never give up.”



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