American socialite, Kim Kardashian, and rapper Kanye West have officially called it quits. Kim has filed for divorce, from the rapper, after their seven-year marriage, stating the reason for divorce as “unreconcilable differences”. According to their spokesman, months before this decision was made, they were both living unhappy lives, separately, and Kim decided that she has simply had enough. Although there haven’t been specific reasons, as to what caused the marriage to breakdown, sources close to the couple have made it clear that they are at the point of no return, and they intend on doing what is best for them, and for the kids.

US Weekly reported that in July 2020, after the rapper announced his presidential campaign, and said at one of his rallies in South Carolina that Kim had almost aborted their first child, North, in 2012, that the famous Kardashian had met with a divorce lawyer and was frustrated with her husband’s “erratic and profound” statements. The couple wasn’t in their best place, and everything had apparently gone downhill ever since that incident. Now, according to Laura Wasser, the lawyer representing Kim in the divorce case, the estranged couple is in “settlement talks” and is making decisions as to who will get what, in their shared estates. The public may never know what the settlements look like as more than likely, their divorce will be a private court case.

The couple signed a prenup in 2014, and it is reported that Kim will receive a million dollars, each year she was married to Kanye. Their businesses, Kim Kardashian West Cosmetics, and Kanye’s “Yeezy” brand will continue to be own by them separately. Not much will be broadcasted about their settlement, and a source close to them has reported that the prenup process has been easy for the two. The two have acknowledged that they will always love each other, and they will still be in contact, for the sake of their kids.

 It is also alleged that Kanye’s mental health deterioration is the main reason for the divorce prior to the couple being estranged, Kim made a statement, on Instagram, that the American rapper, has bipolar disorder and that she’s doing her best to be there for him at his side. And in recent times, after their split was announced, she stated that she is worried about him and that the divorce has not been easy on him at all. There have been no statements released from the rapper so far, as regards his mental well-being.

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