Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez joined the Wendy Williams Show virtually, for an interview that was aired on April 28, 2021. Throughout the interview, Hernandez expressed that she hasn’t gotten any “flowers”, or recognition for the work that she has done for the past years, she has been around in the spotlight. She also went on to say that she deserves to feel wanted and that she doesn’t feel that way by young girls and even Wendy herself. Hernandez even claimed that whenever she appears on Wendy’s show, she feels as though she is being constantly compared to others, and once again insists that she deserves proper treatment.

Yes, it can definitely be said that Joseline is successful, and she has accomplished a lot, and her point of view is understood, but at the same time, the bantering and the aggressive behavior she portrayed towards Wendy, even though it was virtually, wasn’t necessary, as she could have simply explained herself in a more reasonable manner. And to go back to her “complaints” that she made to Wendy, Joseline doesn’t need to demand gifts of recognition, when it has already been shown online, that she has gotten recognition not just from America, but from her Latin fans, and others in different countries. As she said, she has worked hard for what she has accomplished, and there is no denying that she is successful. Joseline doesn’t need to gravitate for more than what she has already gotten, and what she truly deserves. What it really sounds like is that she doesn’t feel like she’s gaining enough from Wendy, which seems to be something of a personal matter, that probably shouldn’t have been broadcasted especially in the way that she did.

Regardless of the situation, Wendy answered her questions professionally, and remained fairly calm during the interview, of course, adding her bit of sarcasm, here and there which sparked humor and laughter from the audience. And even so, towards the end of the interview, it seemed that the two were trying to lean from the subject, and moved on to topics less hostile.

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