Season 2 for former Love and Hip-Hop star, Joseline Hernandez’s reality tv show “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta”, aired on Sunday, April 17, 2021, on the ZEUS network.  And even before the show had hit the airwaves, it already has gone viral with a trailer that has got the internet talking. As said before in season one, Joseline made mention that the purpose of her show was for women to showcase their talent, in any way shape, or form that is suitable to them and she has intentions of making them become “the sexiest” persons ever. 

The episode starts off with a clip showing the star’s most recent music video, where we are introduced to her fiancée and the prodigious house that the visitors and Joseline herself are staying. And to add more interest, two of the ladies from Season 1, have returned for the season, which Joseline herself acknowledged, when after the girls introduced themselves, and everyone came together. Joseline re-introduced herself to the girls when they got settled, and explained why they’re here, and afterwards, they all were instructed to get their selves prepared for later that evening.

The scene where they were about to begin dancing showed us Hernandez giving a “pep” talk to her team of dancers, telling them that they can “change their life” and get out of the ghetto. The speech seems to have prompt one of the ladies to burst into tears, and soon after she recounted her experience with getting an abortion. The dancer said “It hit home for me”, “the gutter is a rough place, and you got to do any and everything to make it”. She then went on to say “Every situation, including aborting twins, to better yourself”. After that revelation, there seemed to have been some awkward silence, before another member of the dance crew commented and said “Damn, double homicide”. There was then a lot of built-up tension, when the dancer who made the revelation, turned around and cursed an expletive, indicating the sensitivity of the situation. After this, Joseline ordered the girls to get back into place, so they can start their dance.


Joseline’s Cabaretzeus

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