With the rise of social media, young Jhaedee Richards, popularly known as Jaiifrais, wasted no time in chasing his passion. The Jamaican comedian often times challenges himself with various characters in his storytelling, which demonstrates humor and cultural knowledge while remaining relatable. In addition to being one of the earlier Jamaican social media comics, his consistency lead to him hitting it off in no time or what locals would say is, “quicka dan quick”. Richards says he was born with his comedic gift, always making people laugh since he was a child. However, he did not do it alone but with his long-time friend, Twaani Price, a comedian now stepping into music. The social media star in no time realized his influence on the people. Immediately, he saw an opportunity to make an even bigger and more positive impact on his fans and started a podcast that shows him being more than just the Jamaican comic.

Richards’ controversial podcast “Let’s Be Honest” tackles social issues and hot topics many Jamaican argue daily. The comedian believes strongly in telling the truth about society’s issues and still gaining a laugh. After all, if you know Jamaica, you know the fact that our people “tek bad tings mek joke”. 

Richards wants to shed light on these issues and give youths an avenue to do the same, so they can see pass one narrative of a situation, which often times Jamaicans paint, one of which is homosexuality. He says he keeps it ‘raw’ because the podcast should never sugar coat things. He also added that this, he feels, is his element because people see his genuine self through the podcast, rather than just Jhaedee ‘Jaiifrais’ Richards the comedian. Additionally, Richards says he would like to do interviews with artists like Alkaline or Popcaan on his podcast.

The local social media sensation believes social media has opened new areas in entertainment and as a result new careers were created. Furthermore, the platform has opened many opportunities for not just him but more new comedians to express themselves. Therefore, persons wishing to join the business should feel free to do so and tell their story. 



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