A lawsuit has been filed against dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom, by her previous management company, Pop Style Music. This news was announced on April 23, 2021, and was filed by Attorney-at-law, Ronald Young, who is a part of the law firm which is representing Pop Style Music. The suit allegedly trails from comments made by Kingdom on one of her Instagram live sessions. On April 13, the artiste went on her Instagram live and made allegations that suggested her manager and management team were dishonorable, in regards to their financial dealings with her. And according to the legal team representing the company, it is being requested that Kingdom, pay general damages and to issue an apology to her management team and principal. In a press release, the young artiste’s manager said that he invested a lot of money into her career and well-being for the past four years, and is upset at the comments that she has made. He further went on and said, that her management agreement between Kingdom and the team, can allow him to retract his investment against her future financial welfare.

The lawsuit calls these comments, those which entail “repulsive lies” and “defamatory untruths and apparently, this hasn’t been the first time that the dancehall artiste has done something like this. The statement giving by Pop Style Music stated that the lawsuit was the last resort and that they had given Kingdom and her lawyers a chance to change and retract the comments that she made on her Instagram live. Attorneys Johnny Robertson, Ronald Young, Natalia Casado, and Sarah Hsia, are the attorneys representing Pop Style Music.

Meanwhile, Kingdom subtly took to her social media and wrote on her Twitter “Yuh Caan stop mi #strongerthanyouthink.”. Meanwhile, on Instagram, she made a post with the caption, “I’m off to better things. I’m only doing (expletive), that’s gonna make me elevate! #unstoppable”. However, she is yet to come out with an official statement about the ongoing lawsuit.

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