Dancehall dancer Danger made explosive allegations of rape against the baby father and ex of dancehall star Spice, whose crew she was a part of.

The dancer took to IG to vent in no uncertain manner, accusing Nicholas of threatening her to keep her silent and that the whole incident had actually cost her her job and livelihood.
The alleged rape happened while they were all on tour in Europe, Danger says. In a teary-eyed, expletive-laden rant, she said that Nicholas had held intentions for her all along….” is a long time him a pre me” she states.
Further, she said his actions showed that he was a confirmed rapist and that she was not his first target. She said in addition to threatening her, he would ensure that she would have to “go backa a Bay (Montego Bay) where you come from” as a failure.
The hour-long + post has already created a storm on social media, and more undoubtedly will come from this episode.

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